Top 7 Historic Churches in India

Being one of the key religions of India, Christianity has been spread throughout the country. There are legacies and stories behind many of the famous churches in India, which has made them quite popular within the country and around the world as well. India has a vast historical and religious background, and Christianity hasn’t been […]

7 Interesting Places to Visit in Rabat

The fourth largest city of Morocco, Rabat is also the country’s capital, located by the Atlantic Ocean. The city lies by the shores of the Bou Regreg and is one of the easier going communities in Morocco. Compared to the bustling town of Casablanca which is located at a short distance from Rabat, the town’s […]

10 Most Popular Tour Packages of North India

North India has within itself an array of picturesque locations with diverse cultural heritages. There are many locations in North India that enthrall tourists and explorers alike. The mere diversity and distinct topography in various regions of the north make it amusing for tourists to venture into the different destinations situated here. Ranging from the […]