10 Astounding Weekend Getaways From Jaipur

With the increasing demands of the daily lives and the commitment to work, we often forget to live a little bit for ourselves. The in-between moments of time, away from the hustle-bustle of the city lives is what make up the stories, which we find ourselves telling around for years. Here are some astonishing weekend getaways around Jaipur that will instil a little more life to the moments that matter the most.

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Top 5 Destinations For Honeymooners Near Jaipur

Jaipur – ‘The Pink City’ of India is royally romantic and is a perfect place for destination wedding. But when it comes to honeymoon, people try to find the shades of red in their life outside the pink walls of the city. Romance in this desert-ed land of Rajasthan can be the most beautiful choice to make as it offers you seclusion from the city life yet giving you the luxury you require. The royal palaces, beautiful lakes, heritage properties and place colored with the stories of the past make it all the way more special. The vibrant colors of this place and the vicinity will take you by awe and will compel you to paint yourself in the color of romance that will last for a life time and may be inspiring generations beyond. Located around Jaipur are some perfect Indian honeymoon destinations for people who are looking for a lot of royalty and romance. Enlisted are 5 such romantic honeymoon destinations near Jaipur that will fill the air with love.

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Top 12 Attractions In Jaipur – The Pink City

Do you love palaces and crave to have an insight on the lifestyle of the rulers of the bygone era? If so, Jaipur is the city for you.

Are you passionate about the strong forts and marvelous architecture that flaunt the expertise of old artisans? Then Jaipur is where you need to be on your next vacation.

Do you long to experience the flamboyant lifestyle of the past rulers even if it is only for a few days? Then Jaipur’s palaces-turned-heritage hotels are where you need to stay for a lifetime experience.

If you fancy elephant rides, you need to be in Jaipur to have a royal ride on the elephants. You can customize the rides the way you want, take elephant rides on jungles, through villages, in Biological Park and many more.

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